About me

Margaux Alvarez

We were harvesting grapes each year for $1 a pound.

It didn’t make sense, the amount of work it took to harvest the acres of grapes to yield 200 gallons of home wine, with little financial gain in grape sales. So we figured the wine industry is saturated but we can find a way to break through.

So with little money, mostly my sponsor checks, and Alex’s pension we dove into the business, getting a loan for a F-350, buying a trailer and off we went.

All the logistics we handled, Alex learned film editing, photography through youtube, web design through Squarespace, guerrilla marketing, wine logistics and taxes and we began selling apparel as a way of investment money.

Every dollar made got recycled back into the project and finally after 2 years of hard work we were able to find $2600 a month to pay the two of us a yearly salary of $31,200.

Not the glorious life one would imagine, traveling thousands of miles, through out the country doing wine and yoga nights to get our message out there. Trying our best learning more each day, sometimes scared we will not make it past the zero balance or find a way to pay off the credit cards and loans we pulled out. Fear and doubt are normal, but giving up is not an option.

We believed, but we also worked so hard, we learned we failed we continued. We have tried getting investments but few want to loan to a start up, they want to see the numbers and I appreciate that. We would not have made it this far without your support without a good product and without us not quitting.

Maybe one day there will be a payout, maybe there will be bankruptcy, whatever the future brings I’m grateful every day to have a chance.



This big tree to the left was surrounded by trash and an old house that had been run down.



You can see that the tree is now cleared of the rubbish and is surrounded by Garnacha vines.