Dec 1st - 2019 BWC

Warmup: 1500m row or 10 min chill bike ride or 10 min chill run


Roll out shoulders, back, hips, glutes, hamstrings, quads, lats, shoulders for 10 min, then

2 min couch stretch right leg

2 min couch stretch left leg

2 min child's pose

3 min seated straddle (1 min center, 1 min left, 1 min right)

1 min puppy dog stretch

A) Strict press to max then 80% 5x5

B) Push press to max then 80%, 2 ohm x 8 miin

C) Good mornings 5x5

D) Weighted step ups 4x12 each leg with DB (stick to certain weight for all sets)

Accessory: 25 hollow rocks + 15 ring rows + 10 v-ups x 3 rnds nft

Margaux AlvarezComment