April 21st, BWC

Warmup: 1500m chill row

2 min elevated Lat with bent arms
2 min puppy dog
2 min seated single right leg fold
2 min seated single left leg fold
2 min seal position (propped up on hands/palms, modify to forearms supporting you)
2 min lat/lizard stretch right leg
2 min lat/lizard stretch left leg
2 min bent arm tricep stretch right arm
2 min bent arm tricep stretch left arm
1 min 90 degree hold right arm against wall
1 min 90 degree hold left arm against wall
1 rnd - 20 min total


A. Hang Snatch to max, then 75% x 2 every other Minute for 10 minutes (5 sets)

B. 2 back squats + 1 behind the neck split Jerk to max

C. 3x8 Glute Ham Raise 
These are done on a GHD, if you need to scale do so, another alternative will be GHD hip extensions

*Note: weightlifting won't be on video today - I apologize for this!

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