The Monthly Challenge and What It means to Me

The Monthly Challenge

In a commencement speech to the graduating class of the University of Texas at Austin, Admiral William H. McRaven’s a Navy Seal asked his audience to make your bed every morning. At first glance, it sounds like a simple task, primarily because Alex and I have always been in the habit of making our beds as soon as we wake up.

The message that went viral intrigued Alex and I to listen to the whole speech. You can watch the speech here, but his rationale made a lot of sense. In the Marines, Alex was asked to complete a variety of tasks through the day so he chuckled as he reminded himself, the bed making was always first.

Often in fitness, we convince ourselves we don't have time. We convince ourselves there is so much to do. So we wanted to combat this by saying get your fitness in with a small task in the morning and then make your bed.

The monthly challenge is not going to burn the calories you need to lose 30 pounds. The monthly challenge is not going to build the strength you need to snatch or squat bigger weights, nor will it improve your run time. The monthly challenge might seem trivial to those who bleed and sweat exercise on a daily basis, so why participate.

Why make your bed?

Success is a sequel of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of decisions. The more complex the more discipline is needed to ensure its survival is possible. Why is the monthly challenge important to me?

Waking up first thing can lead some of us scrolling through a phone, wasting time, the time we said we didn't believe we had. Time is a commodity we can't get back, and unlike money, this currency can not exponentially grow. It has an end date, a destined expiration we will all face. The monthly challenge is more than 2 minutes of work, it is a commitment to the day, to your health, the monthly challenge is an attempt to add discipline, better health and therefore a way to negotiate life for more time. If you are supremely fit, then I challenge you to set the standard for those that look up to you.

This month's challenge is out of bed into max push-ups then into the squat position. You will then immediately after the max push ups, perform a squat for the day of the month. March 4th requires 4 air squats. I got 56 push-ups and 4 air squats then I would typically make my bed, but I'm in a hotel room checking out on my way to the American Ninja Warrior so I had a rest day for bed making.

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