Ketosis versus Calories in wine drinking - Why I'm not losing Fat?

Marketing has a history of showing us how health conscience the marketers running health campaigns are not. We have a significant amount of examples through the decades ranging from cigarettes, low cholesterol, gluten-free to now keto friendly products.

Before we talk Keto or Calories lets talk Wine Making.

The winemaking begins at the time of the harvest. The grapes through daily communication with the winemaker, brainstorm the perfect time for picking dependant on the sugar levels of the fruit. Once the grapes reach the desired sugar level, they are picked, destemmed, crushed, and placed in a bin that allows the fermentation to begin. Red grapes are left in containers throughout the fermentation while CO2 and the heat produced by the conversion of sugar to alcohol is controlled through the frequent punch down method.

This process ends when the desired sugar level is met, for red wines; the goal is dryness; this is usually a goal of 0 brix. Wines are thought to be dry when they reach 0.2%- 0.3% or 2 - 3 grams of sugar per liter.

So why label potatoes gluten free or wine keto friendly?

Winemaking is easy, but selling it is another story. Wine is a saturated product; they say there is an ocean of wine out there so new wine companies have to find ways to stay relative or unique to find consumers willing to try their product. These are the difficulties of branding, marketing, and scaling a company, but they have nothing to do with health.

Is red wine Keto Friendly, and does it matter in fat loss?

Dry wine, in theory, should be keto friendly, accounting for 1-3 grams of sugar per bottle of your allotted 50 grams per day, but should there be more to worry about than just the sugar content in your bottle of wine if you are trying to lose fat? Clearly and Yes!

For most people looking to shed fat from their body, they are looking for successful strategies that will help guide them through a long and challenging journey. This desire to lose weight is a popular goal for many, and this has resulted in multiple plans, with numerous camps pulling at anecdotal success stories to show their method is best. These strategies or camps, over time, have created a division and zealotry, that keeps confused individuals from using all possible tools to aid in the fat loss, and instead, they focus solely on one approach.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Ketogenic, Macro, Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Calorie, and on and on, all believe they have the right method and proper studies to back them up. This segregation has led to some slightly salty arguments on the internet, while the body disagrees and does what it needs to in search of homeostasis. Drinking liquor or wine, for example, may meet the standards of gluten-free, ketogenic, low carb, and Vegetarian, but it may not meet the standard required in fat loss.

Take a bottle of red wine who claims is keto friendly, with 2 grams of sugar per bottle. This same bottle or label does not tell the consumer this same keto friendly product contains 650 calories per bottle. The problem, when you only believe in either starvation vs. low carbohydrate is we are not accounting for the very complex alcohol metabolism. 10% of alcohol is secreted through the kidneys lungs and sweat, leaving the rest oxidized through the liver, an essential organ in the ketosis pathway.

While 2 grams of sugar keeps you within your goal of 50 grams of sugar per day when following the Ketosis plan, the 650 alcohol calories add to your overall caloric daily intake. These additional calories sourced from alcohol are typically the first to be used by the body as the primary energy source. The majority of the food consumed that same day without exercise can find itself broken down and stored. This food deposit can cause the amino acids broken down from the proteins consumed to change into sugar via gluconeogenesis — this state will knock the individual out of ketosis.

So I shouldn't drink wine?

Not at all! We too sell wine and are also trying to find our marketing uniqueness, so we are all about celebrating and earning your wine while also finding ways to maintain your goals.

Tips on losing fat while also drinking wine

  1. Moderation is key - a glass or two of wine a day is an appropriate amount to celebrate the struggle. More than that will not challenge your body to lose the fat stored.

  2. Try to drink with a partner - It is harder to open a second bottle of wine as my extensive research has shown (anecdotal), so partnering up and sharing the bottle means less alcohol calories.

  3. Allowance- Take the calories consumed the night before and apply that to a morning run, row or bike ride. I personally enjoy the bike ride because it is easier on my body but the goal here is to exercise the alcohol calories out first thing in the morning. For me 2 glasses of wine equals 30 minutes on the concept 2 bike. Earn Your Grapes

  4. Drink a 2 glasses of water to every glass of wine you consume - no science here just burning time.

  5. High intensity functional fitness - Do not consider rule#3 as your daily exercise, this is your payment for deciding to drink alcohol. So find time to get to the gym build muscle and lose fat after you have paid back your debt.

  6. Avoid alcohol altogether if you can’t control the intake - this sounds like a serious problem and you might want to get help, don’t be embarrassed, get the help if you find you can’t control the intake and drinking is affecting your daily life. We drink to celebrate the struggle, you can also celebrate with ice cream a small piece of cake or anything that brings joy to you. Just pick one however!

  7. Cut back 50% - If you enjoy a bottle, try half a bottle a night. Cutting back 100% might give you anxiety at night if you have been doing this a while. Consider drinking half a bottle and some tea with valerian root or take some CBD oil to help with sleep. You will find in time another time you can decrease your intake to one glass a night and later maybe even one glass every other day.

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