3 Easy Tricks in Losing Fat - Weight Loss Tips

You are hitting the gym every day, but you are not seeing the results you want for your pool party next month. Try these 3 easy tips and kick start the fat loss today.

1) Quantify -

It can be very easy to lose count of calories or carbohydrates in the long and busy day. Journaling and keeping a tally on everything that is going into your body is essential in understanding why we are not meeting our goals.

Stubborn fat loss can be a result of too many calories consumed or too much protein in a low carbohydrate diet. It can also be the opposite in a stressed body, not receiving the right amount of calories it needs. Another issue can be too many calories or carbohydrates coming in from sugar water or alcohol.

Be objective, stay disciplined, and journal everything that goes into your body, or use your phone and an app to keep track; it will give you a better picture of the issue.

A quick calculation for desired daily caloric intake is

Desired Body Weight in pounds X Activity level

Activity Level

12 - sedentary or minimal exercise

14 - one hour a day 3-4 x a week

16 - Strength training - Cardio 5-6 days a week 2 hours a day

18 - You would like to compete in a fast exercise team

20 - You are exercising fast 6- 8 hours a day 5x a week and hoping to make the Games one year if they exist after 2020.

Alex would look like this 205 x 14 = 2870 daily caloric intake

Margaux would follow 150 x 18 = 2700 daily caloric intake

2) Bike extra calories away

The Concept-2 bike or other home bikes are convenient and easy to use that can be the key in expediting fat loss. A quick 30 min stationary bike ride is more comfortable than running and can shed anywhere from 350 calories to 500 calories a day. This work in days can displace an additional 1750 calories or 2500 calories in a week bike use.

You may be following a low carbohydrate diet, but too many nuts or oils in your diet might be sabotaging your goal. Step one will give you an idea. If bringing too many calories is an issue, an easy solution can be as simple as just biking 30 minutes a day on the bike.

The bike should be added to either you CrossFit class or the Fitness on the Gaux work out of that particular day.

3) Limit Sugar Beverages

There are a lot of hidden carbohydrates or calories in soda, fancy coffee, or alcohol. Red Wine, for example, has minimal sugars, but it does contain 650 calories per bottle. A 64-ounce coke can contain 194 grams of carbs and 776 empty calories. A Venti Caramel Brulle Latte from Starbucks contains over 75 grams of sugar and 450 calories per drink, and that is not the most caloric or sugar-filled beverage they sell.

Our solution is black coffee in the am. Tea or Soda Water with lemon or lime in the afternoon. No more than two glasses of Wine at night and some water or tea.

Follow these three simple tricks today and be patient, one day and one step at a time will yield results if you are consistent. Allow yourself to celebrate your journey each day by voicing your approval each day for all your hard work.

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