CrossFit Games Open is 8 weeks out we discuss 5 things you can do to help get ready today

The OPEN is right around the corner we came up with some things you can do to help increase your OPEN Score.

1) Add a long steady aerobic warm up with some intervals if possible to your warm ups.

An example of one of our warm-ups is 2000m row (long steady volume) into 5 min of 20-sec all-out row (intensity) 40-sec chill pace (recover) row.

The time-domain in the open varies, so we do need the ability to endure 20 minutes of work. Starting your work out with a long steady warm-up will help establish a more cohesive anaerobic and aerobic blend.

2) Keep track of your gymnastics and add reps each week.

One hundred muscle-ups this week over three workouts should be one hundred and five reps next week. The goal is to add volume over time to allow the body time to adapt but not become complacent and include:


toes to bar


hs walk

bar muscle-ups

You will notice reps for bmu are similar to mu (90-100 per week), and pull-ups are similar to toes to bar (200-300 per week by open)

3) Train all domains in all energy systems

Using the muscle-up again as an example we would train the muscle up in:

CPK - max unbroken mu ( this tests CPK and blends a bit with anaerobic)

Glycolytic - a metcon is typically ideal for this energy system such as nasty girls.

Oxidative - was at one time 30 muscle-ups but now we see 45 muscle-ups as the standard.

The goal is to provide a training system that allows the body to blend all energy systems throughout all domains. Weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, etc. all require attention not only in high intensity but also in long and quick burst training.

4) Ensure your movements in the 2020 OPEN, are not restricted by a lack of mobility.

Add 30 min of mobility work, immediately after your aerobic warm-up each day. Mobility is essential in weightlifting and gymnastics, but it remains the number one training module skipped.

5) Drink my wine, enjoy, and have fun.

Work hard and Wine Down. 8 weeks is not a whole lot of time to be one of the best in the world, but it is enough time to make tremendous improvements. Be proud of your hard work, be realistic, and use the results as an assessment for future training. Enjoy the journey, drink my wine, and celebrate your daily grind.

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