DEC 21st - 2019 OPEN PROGRAM


10 min chill bike (concept 2 or assault bike) if no bike, 10 min chill row


5 min rollout quads, hamstrings, IT band, glutes

10 single leg glute bridges + 5 bird/dogs + 5 cat/cow stretches x 3 rounds

10 banded good mornings + 1 min pigeon left + 10 banded good mornings + 1 min pigeon right

2 min elevated lat


10 ring dips + 20 hollow rocks x 4 rnds nft


7 min amrap of 15 wall balls + 5 Deadlifts 295/205#

Margaux 2019 Games Prep

Taken from CrossFit Invictus we are using this as a solid baseline

great program and test they hold each year

Event #1

Find your 1-RM Clean and Jerk in 12 minutes, followed immediately by 8 minutes for max reps pull-ups. If an athlete comes off the bar to break a set of pull-ups and touches the ground, they must complete 8 burpees before resuming their pull-ups. (And no, you cannot hang on the bar by your legs or anything other than your hands . . . good try though.) All burpees must be completed with a lateral jump over a hurdle or PVC parallette – the same standard used in the Southwest Regional Qualifier. Click here and watch the video for the Individual Movement Standards in the top right corner to see an example of the burpee standard.

Scaling Options for Beginners and Intermediates – If you are unable to perform or are inconsistent with your kipping pull-ups, immediately following your 12 minutes to find your 1-RM clean and jerk, you will perform 8 minutes of max reps kettlebell swings. Any time the kettlebell stops swinging (regardless of whether it hits the ground), the athlete must perform 8 burpees before resuming with kettlebell swings. The kettlebell swing standard will be met when the kettlebell passes the competitor’s eyebrow level – it does not need to go vertical overhead. Competitors must elect prior to commencing the workout whether they will be performing pull-ups or kettlebell swings, you cannot do a combination of the two.

Your score will be the sum of your 1-RM clean and jerk in pounds and the number of pull-ups or kettlebell swings completed in 8 minutes.

Stud athlete example: Nichole DeHart – 170 lb. clean and jerk and 73 pull-ups. Her total score would be 243 points (170 + 73 = 243).

Event #2

For time:

40 Wall Ball Shots (20/12 lbs.)

20 Front Squats (185/125 lbs.)

1000 Meter Row

Athletes CANNOT use racks, which means they must clean the weight and come to a full standing position before commencing their front squats.

Beginner and Intermediate Divisions – Weights will be scaled as necessary to 155/105, 135/95 or 115/75.

Your score will be your time in seconds.

Stud athlete example: Nichole DeHart – 7 minutes and 10 seconds. Her score would be 430 (7 x 60 +10 = 430).

Event Scoring

The winner will be determined by subtracting an athlete’s Event #1 score from their Event #2 score. The athlete with the lowest number wins.

Stud athlete example: Nichole’s score would be 430 (her Event #2 score) minus 243 (her Event #1 score), for a total score of 187 points (430 – 243 = 187).

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