Sample Day - 2019 Wine Club & Margaux 2018

Hi everyone! Thanks for signing up, we're excited to share our 2019 Wine Club and Margaux 2018 program with you all. We will Gaux live in 3 weeks but we wanted to share some sample days with you so you have an idea of what's coming up.

With our warmups, we want you to adapt aerobically through all domains while economizing your time in the gym. These warmups will get you primed for the day but will also transfer to the Open workouts over time.

Our mobility will help improve your range of motion which will transfer to improving your positioning for weightlifting and gymnastics, allowing you to get in better positions and feel better both inside and outside the gym.

The accessory work we provide will aid you in creating a solid foundation and help you get stronger for the more complex movements, such as bar/ring muscle ups, that we see in the Open.

The metcons/workouts are designed to improve your overall capacity through each metabolic system hitting workouts for time, AMRAP's (as many rounds/reps as possible) and interval style workouts.  

We will post the written training, followed by the video of me coaching you through each component and demonstrating the movements. Below that we will have our Margaux 2018 program for those that are interested in following along! Check it out below and comment if you have any questions!

2019 Wine Club Sample Day

Warmup: 1500m easy pace row

1 min banded kneeling lat/lizard stretch each arm
1 min banded straight arm stretch each arm
1 min banded internal rotation stretch each arm
1 min dragon stretch each leg
1 min pigeon stretch each leg
x 2
rnds, 20 min total

8 false grip ring pull-ups (scale to false grip ring rows if need be) + 8 single
arm bent over rows x 4 rnds nft (not for time)

14 min
amrap of: 6 power snatch 115/75# + 12
kbs 53/35# + 24 goblet squats

Video below...

Margaux 2018

100 double unders then 30 otm (on the minute) with singles in remaining time x 5 min
2 legless rope climbs + 12 ring dips x 4 rounds
nft (not for time)

Power snatch to max then 2 power snatch (80%) + 20 ft hs walk in square rest 1 min x 10

Power clean to max then start running clock for 20 min: 2 p clean 80% odd min, 4 mu even min
10 back squats at 70% rest 3 min then 20 squat 60% 
Max height box jump
Weighted pull-ups 6x3
200 ft hs walk for
time, rest 2 min, 100 ft hs walk for time 

db thrusters 70/50# + 6 burpee bj overs 24/20 + 12 calorie row x 4 rnds 

25 hollow rocks + 12 v-ups + 1 min max shoulder taps (freestanding or against wall if need be) + 15 seated leg raises x 4


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