200m warmup jog 



10 Walking lunges 

10 leg swings (forward/backward) left leg 

10 leg swings (forward/backward) right leg 

5 arm swings forward left arm 

5 arm swings backward left arm

5 arm swings forward right arm

5 arm swings backward right arm

10 air squats + 5 jumping air squats 

High knees for 20ft  

Butt kicks for 20ft 

Side shuffle 20ft right side 

Side shuffle 20ft left side 


Running intervals:

200m run

Rest 1 min 

X 4 


400m run 

Rest 2 min 

X 4 


Challenge yourself, the goal is to stay consistent in your run times for each domain (200’s, 400’s), if running isn’t an option (i.e. weather) or cannot do because of injury or limitation, you can sub for rowing (250m, 500m, respectively). 


Make sure to do some cool down stretching after the runs. Have fun!