Interval runs today

Warmup 200m run + dynamic movements: leg swings, arm circles, lunges, air squats, inchworm with pushups, side shuffle (both sides)

200m run, rest 1 min x 4

400m run, rest 2 min x 4

800m run, rest 4 min x 2

Goal is go a hard as you can while keeping the pace close to one another each run (ie if you’re running 400m, and your split is 1:30, try and hit that each time vs 1:25, then 1:35, 1:39, 1:44)

Cool down: stretch for 10 min, hit a few stretches, straddle, lizard (like a basic runners lunge) and a few others to let your body recover after the runs.

Share you’re times or how it felt below, thanks team!

Margaux AlvarezComment